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You make me smile {Baltimore Newborn Photographer}

I’m pleased to introduce 10-day old Miss S. Such a beauty! She is another record-setter for me with a birth weight of 10lbs 9oz! Amazingly though, I agree with Mom & Dad that she doesn’t look “big” … in fact, I think she looks pretty perfect. She has the best creamy skin and seriously was a joy to photograph. If only all newborn sessions went this smoothly! Unfortunately Mom & Dad paid the price the night before the session though, but Miss. S. sure did sleep for us yesterday. I think the rough night was worth it (for me at least!).
I’m just in love with several of these shots. This little one has lots of different facial expressions and I was able to capture several of them yesterday. I even caught her dimple, more than once! Yay! Thanks Mom & Dad for being so hospitable, even after a super-tough night! I’ll let you know as soon as I’m finished with the rest of your proofs. Congratulations!