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What a beautiful family!

I has a blast at this session! Mom is a sorority sister (that makes 3 sisters in 3 weeks!) and I have photographed Miss T. a few times also. I was really happy this time to finally incorporate Dad too! We got some stunning family portraits … I told Mom at the session that I was jealous of her – we just don’t have a bunch of really nice family portraits at home (hm, wonder why? LOL). We have a boatload of adorable individuals of the kids, but the family portraits are a little lacking 🙂
It is also quite helpful when you are working with a happy, willing (and super photogenic) kiddo … Miss T. totally rocked this session. My family portraits never go this smoothly. Hehe.
Needless to say – I am ecstatic with our results! This is a bigger-than-usual sneak peek because Mom waited a little longer and was so patient (thank you!). We celebrated my son’s 3rd birthday yesterday, so I didn’t get to edit as quickly as normal. Thank you A. for waiting on me – I hope the wait was worth it!