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They’re back! {Kingsville Baby Photography}

I had SUCH a fun time with these two twin sisters! I was shocked at how easy going they were – they couldn’t have treated me better actually! It amazing that, already, I can see their little personalities budding. I think you’ll be able to see them too – I threw in a few fun shots because I just couldn’t help myself! I love how Miss L. is cracking up in the 4th one and then is *so* over the camera in the 7th. LOL. What a riot! Miss S. was a bit more laid back but was also SO full of smiles and such a sweet little lady.
It’s so difficult to believe that these little gals started as itty bitty curled up newborns HERE. Wow time flies by way too fast! Before I know it, I’ll be photographing their one-year session, yikes! Thank you Mom & Dad for a wonderful afternoon – your baby girls are the sweetest little things! What a fantastic way to spend a Sunday afternoon!