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Smiling princess

There are so many things I adore about this first image … the obvious adorable newborn smile, her curly ear, the cowlick that her brother also sports and the back wrinkles. I just love it when I catch a newborn mid-smile, it totally makes my day 🙂

This little princess was pretty much perfect after about 3 hours when momma finally got her drifting off. Although she’s fighting a bit of jaundice her skin was absolutely perfect otherwise.

And when she was really sleepy, she let me mold her almost any way I wanted (save the placement of her hands a few times – she was quite particular about where they should be!).

This image is, to me, the epitome of the fetal position – look at her teeny tiny bottom! Oh so precious.

To finish off this fun peek, I included a shot of Miss M.’s big brother at just 17 months old. I kept telling mom how “beautiful” he was and then corrected myself with “handsome.” LOL. But seriously, he is one gorgeous little guy – I can’t wait to see what a beauty the new little princess is at the next session!
Thank you for inviting me into your home during such a special time! It was fun getting to know your family and I appreciate “using” your new baby girl as a model for all of my new props. We got some really awesome portraits with the new stuff, I’m saving them for your gallery 🙂