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Smile …

It makes people wonder what you’re thinking 🙂 Or in this case, maybe a smile just means gas. LOL. Either way, it’s precious! This little guy was one of my smiley-est to date! Check out this next smirk – love it!

He also set another new record for me yesterday – he’s the smallest peanut I’ve ever photographed. He was born 6 weeks early and spent just a few weeks in the NICU. He technically should still be in his momma’s belly but he now weighs in at a little over 5lbs. He has the smallest little bottom!

I love this next one – a tiny smile and bashful at the same time! LOL.

This was another great session (I’m on a roll with the baby boys!) – little man pretty much passed out for me and just stayed that way. He preferred to be stretched out but I got him pretty curled up too 🙂
Thanks to Mom & Dad for allowing me to capture such a special time in your life! I’m so glad your little guy is finally home and healthy!