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Siblings – Vintage & B&W style

I had some fun editing these! This first one is processed with a vintage style and I just love it! The kids have great expressions on their faces but my favorite part is how big brother is curling his toes in his shoes. I know I’m strange, LOL. But it shows that he was really having a good time 🙂

I’m really digging these kiddos in b&w also. I have all of the color versions too, but just “felt” the b&w on a lot of these.

Here’s the vintage processing again. It’s definitely not for every image but these kids really pull it off well 🙂

And one more of big brother in b&w – I think this was a “stinky face” … toooo cute!

Thanks Mom & Dad for meeting up with me on Memorial Day! These are a few of my favorites from what we shot. Your kids are utterly adorable, I can’t wait to get my camera in front of them again!