Is your fancy new DSLR camera still in full auto, just like it was when you first took it out of the box? Are you frustrated that the pictures you snap of your kids haven’t improved since you bought it? Then the SHOOT MY KIDS! Workshop is for you!

Nicole teaches beginner photography workshops to moms who want to take better pictures of their kids in-person in the Baltimore area and online.  Although Nicole is a professional newborn photographer by trade, her favorite subjects, by far, are her kids and family.  Nothing pleases her more than to freeze a special family memory through her lens.  That’s why she uses only everyday snapshots of her children for demonstration purposes on the the website and during the Workshop.  No fancy lighting or special camera equipment is used to create these images, just the knowledge to use the settings on a DSLR camera.  By using everyday unscripted snapshots, Nicole strives to demonstrate how beautiful everyday life can be when photographed creatively.  The Workshop fee is $99 and lasts about 3 hours.  During that time, Nicole covers the following:

*10 key elements to capturing impressive images
*Finding the light
*Instruction on elements of exposure including ISO, shutter speed and aperture
*Details on how to get that gorgeous blurry background
*Using your camera’s basic settings
*Introduction to lenses and their capabilities
*Advanced topics of aperture mode, manual mode and white balance
*Information on RAW versus JPEG format
*Advice on where to print and create photo products
*Open question and answer at the end

 The workshop is designed for moms that own DSLR cameras, although point & shoot owners will likely learn quite a bit as well. The workshop is not for professional portrait photographers that charge a fee or for people that will be starting a professional photography business in the next year.  It’s designed just moms who want to take better candid shots of their littles! Each attendee will receive a take-home workbook (or a .PDF e-book) and is guaranteed to have a fun time!  SHOOT MY KIDS! is offered three ways – private in-person Mom’s Night Out Workshops, public in-person Group Workshops, and web-based Online Workshops. Group Workshops are held in Nicole’s home studio in Perry Hall, MD at specified times; and the Online Workshop option allows all moms across the U.S. to participate from the comfort of their own home!  Mom’s Night Out Workshops are held in the greater-Baltimore area in a client’s home at a mutually agreed upon date and time.

Nicole is also proud to announce that she will soon be offering Adoption Fundraising through her Workshops!  She is very excited about being able to give back to the adoption community in this way and can’t wait to release the details!  For more information about the Workshop and samples of the types of images you will learn to create, please visit the SHOOT MY KIDS! website with the link at the bottom of this post.

Nicole is also available to give standard 1-hour talks to local mom’s share groups – she loves to meet new people.

Although candid snapshots of your children certainly aren’t replacements for custom portraiture, Nicole knows that it’s extremely important to capture your children’s everyday moments in life in between your professional portrait sessions!

Their first day of school …
The way they look in their pajamas with bed head …
All of their favorite things in life …
Playing on the swingset …
The sweet tea party with their stuffed animals …
Carving jack-o-lanterns …
The twinkle in their eyes when they open their birthday gift …
The new lost tooth …
The utter excitement and joy on Christmas morning …
Their joy when they jump on the bed …
What they’re doing when they don’t know you’re there …

These are the true moments of life. Let Nicole help you learn how to capture them creatively through the SHOOT MY KIDS! Workshop. You won’t be disappointed.

Jessica Benner - July 4, 2012 - 7:15 am

I would love to join on of your workshops either online or by driving down, but we already have plans on July 27! Please let me know if you plan another event for the fall!

Thanks Nicole!


Stacy deighton - July 20, 2012 - 2:14 pm

My friend Nicole Nicole Gray recommended that I get in touch with you about your workshop could you please send me information about when your next class is available?

Pardon the dust! | - November 20, 2012 - 2:16 pm

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