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Red Thread Sessions 2012 Adoptive Families

I am so honored to have helped found an organization of photographers that gives back to adoptive families. It has been so thrilling and inspiring to see over 450 professional photographers across the U.S. selflessly volunteer their time with Red Thread Sessions over this past year. There is so much talent among our photographers, oh what a blessing they have been to us and to adoptive families throughout the nation! I think our launch year has been much more successful than any of us would have ever dreamed. After working our way through it with lots of trial and error, it will be even more exciting to see Red Thread Sessions continue to blossom and reach more people. I am so grateful to call this “my baby” and am so incredibly hopeful to see what the future holds!

As we celebrate our one year anniversary, please help me in congratulating the Red Thread Sessions 2012 Adoptive Families, there were over 100! I put this slideshow together for the upcoming Created 4 Care retreat, and absolutely adore it. It is easy to see LOVE in these images, oh it makes my heart sing! Thank you for your support!