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    *Please note that I am no longer accepting new clients.*

    Thank you so much for visiting! I am Nicole, a custom newborn photographer and owner of Nicole Renée Newborns. I specialize in Newborn Portraiture in Baltimore County, Maryland and surrounding areas. I am a studio-only photographer working with natural light. I would describe my style as creative, fun and modern. I like natural poses, interesting textures and fun props. I am one of the only 100% digital newborn photographers in the Baltimore area and am thrilled to offer high-resolution digital files to my clients.

    You can view my recent work by scrolling down, or visit my portfolio by clicking on one of the "portfolio" links at the top. Also, I truly enjoy donating my photography services to new adoptive families through my non-profit organization, Red Thread Sessions. I am no longer accepting new clients to focus on my family and do not have intentions of returning to work soon. It has been such a pleasure to work with so many families through the years, and I truly cherish every single one! May God bless your day!

Hello Mr. Peanut

How utterly adorable is this guy?! He was a peanut at birth – I think Mom said 6lbs 14oz, and he lost another 10oz while in the hospital. He was so squishy and bendy – I love how his little legs just rolled up underneath of his body. We had to work for these shots – but it was all worth it – he’s really gorgeous (uh-hem, I mean handsome). I really appreciate Mom and especially Dad putting up with being peed on … a lot 🙂 I am STILL laughing about the incident that happened right before I left (we’ll keep that between us though).
Thank you so very much for inviting me into your home and spending the morning with me!

Snaptotes Bag!

As promised, here are a few images of the newest addition to my product collection 🙂 Please excuse the dog fur and funny lighting … it was cloudy and then bright in a matter of 3 minutes. The first image is lacking a little detail in the photo on the bag, but I think you can get the idea with some of the other ones.
I opted for a one-sided bag, but you can add a 2nd image on the other side if you like. I also added the leather trim upgrade (sounds like a car, LOL). Don’t know if I’d choose to do that again … it’s only the handles and bottom … but it does look nice.
I can easily see getting addicted to these. This one is called the “photographer’s tote” – unfortunately only available to pro photographers (it fits my MacBook Pro perfectly!). I ADORE the awesome quality and professional feel of this bag. The image is ON the fabric – no cheesy plastic pockets to stick snapshots in (like the kind you get all Walmart – you know exactly what I’m talking about). I’ve seen some super-creative stuff with these bags – some photographers have used digital scrapbooking products with stunning results.
Let me know if you have any questions. HERE is Snaptotes website. Happy buying!

Miss Personality

What a fun girl 🙂 This little woman had about a million different facial expressions and was full of personality! I really enjoyed watching her bounce around from one thing to the next, and I LOVED watching her curly hair blow in the wind!
Thanks Mom & Dad for letting me have some fun with your little girl – she’s gorgeous! I know I mentioned this at the session, but I just adored her little outfit – so much that I couldn’t bare to convert any of these to black & white!

Miss Z’s peek :-)

Here’s the rest of Little Miss Z’s sneak peek! I have lots of favorites from this session, so here are a few … Mom says she sees this “eyebrow look” a lot – glad we were able to capture it today!

Bubbles anyone? LOL. She was talking AND blowing bubbles all while being super happy – this girl has talent on top of being utterly adorable! (You can see that the pink flower headband has been getting a lot of use over the past few weeks – I’m so glad!)

A vintage-y version of the portrait I already posted. I think I may like this one in full color best, but this one pretty much rocks too 🙂 If her smile doesn’t make your day, I don’t know WHAT will!

A successful attempt with proud big brothers today, yay! Sooo cute – you can certainly see where baby sister gets her good looks. I actually prefer this square crop to the 4×6, so I posted it instead.

Thanks Z. family for another awesome session! I can’t wait to see how much your little woman has changed by our next Sweet Beginnings session. Take care!

Happy Miss Z!

Couldn’t help myself – here’s one from this morning … what a sweet almost-4-month old 🙂 She looks just like the doll she was as a newborn! A bigger peek to come!