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    *Please note that I am no longer accepting new clients.*

    Thank you so much for visiting! I am Nicole, a custom newborn photographer and owner of Nicole Renée Newborns. I specialize in Newborn Portraiture in Baltimore County, Maryland and surrounding areas. I am a studio-only photographer working with natural light. I would describe my style as creative, fun and modern. I like natural poses, interesting textures and fun props. I am one of the only 100% digital newborn photographers in the Baltimore area and am thrilled to offer high-resolution digital files to my clients.

    You can view my recent work by scrolling down, or visit my portfolio by clicking on one of the "portfolio" links at the top. Also, I truly enjoy donating my photography services to new adoptive families through my non-profit organization, Red Thread Sessions. I am no longer accepting new clients to focus on my family and do not have intentions of returning to work soon. It has been such a pleasure to work with so many families through the years, and I truly cherish every single one! May God bless your day!

Smile …

It makes people wonder what you’re thinking 🙂 Or in this case, maybe a smile just means gas. LOL. Either way, it’s precious! This little guy was one of my smiley-est to date! Check out this next smirk – love it!

He also set another new record for me yesterday – he’s the smallest peanut I’ve ever photographed. He was born 6 weeks early and spent just a few weeks in the NICU. He technically should still be in his momma’s belly but he now weighs in at a little over 5lbs. He has the smallest little bottom!

I love this next one – a tiny smile and bashful at the same time! LOL.

This was another great session (I’m on a roll with the baby boys!) – little man pretty much passed out for me and just stayed that way. He preferred to be stretched out but I got him pretty curled up too 🙂
Thanks to Mom & Dad for allowing me to capture such a special time in your life! I’m so glad your little guy is finally home and healthy!

Record-setting newborn!

Ok, I’m pretty much in LOVE with this little guy! He has the best creamy baby skin, adorable chub and cute little rolls! He also passed out pretty darn well for us and was happy to do just about anything I wanted (at least until we pulled out the Dr. Seuss books). I adore these shots soooo much in color that I just didn’t want to post any of the b&w’s!
And you may be wondering what record this little guy set yesterday – he definitely holds the new record for the most pee and poo in one session – I have never had so many blankets and wraps soiled at one time! LOL. When I got that first little smirk, I should have just known something was coming because he sure did! Once he got it all out though, he was good to go – what a great little model! I’m thrilled with our results 🙂

Curious about Cropping?

Have you ever wondered what cropping images does to your portraits? I put together this Cropping Guide to make it easier to understand. There are tons of other print sizes available but these are the most popular. I automatically size all digital files to 4×6 unless otherwise specified – that’s what the image above is also. (If you are having trouble seeing all of the crops, click on the image and it will open larger in another window.)
You’ll see the only crop that will give you the whole image is 16×24. A 5×7 crop is a close second. This is why I try to crop a bit wider when creating files for clients – so that not too much of the image is lost when making enlargements. Saving files this way gives clients a bit more freedom when making prints.
When ordering from Mpix, you have the ability to move the crop as well, this is great news! Let’s say you wanted a little less head room at the top and more on the bottom – you can adjust which part of the image is cropped. For example, in the portrait above … if I were going to print a 10×13, I’d move the crop to include her whole foot at the bottom, like this:

You can see that this one differs from the original 10×13 crop because it now includes her entire foot – easy peasy to do with Mpix.
Have I mentioned how great Mpix is?! It’s my preferred lab for all consumer printing – I send ALL of my clients there. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, do it! It takes a bit longer than going to Walmart, CVS, Walgreen, Target, etc. and the cost is *slightly* higher, but the minor expense and wait are absolutely worth it. After investing in custom portraits, doesn’t it make sense to have them printed on professionally calibrated machines that use quality professional papers? YES!

She’s 1 and proud of it!

We battled the heat and serious humidity to celebrate little sis’ first birthday yesterday. What a gorgeous baby girl! We had to work a bit to get these adorable shots of her, but it was oh-so-worth-it! Big sis, on the other hand, is a total natural in front of the camera and sooooo photogenic! You may remember these pretty sisters from their February session – it was right after the blizzard(s), so we worked inside at their home. I can’t believe how much little sis has grown!
It was impossible to pick a few favorites for the blog, so I started with these. I can’t wait to work on the rest though, what a fun session! Thanks Mom & Dad for giving me the honor of capturing your girls, again! It was a true pleasure!

Beautiful little guy

I *know* you aren’t supposed to use the word “beautiful” to describe little boys. But seriously, this little one is gorgeous! His long-ish blonde hair makes me want to grow my son’s hair out – so awesome!

At 2 years old, little J. was such a ham – it’s easy to see what a happy child he is, that’s for sure!

I added this one onto the sneak peek because it’s so darn cute! I see your belly button buddy, you are too funny!

Mom & Dad, thanks for meeting up with me today! Your son is utterly adorable, I just can’t wait to work on the rest of your session!