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    *Please note that I am no longer accepting new clients.*

    Thank you so much for visiting! I am Nicole, a custom newborn photographer and owner of Nicole Renée Newborns. I specialize in Newborn Portraiture in Baltimore County, Maryland and surrounding areas. I am a studio-only photographer working with natural light. I would describe my style as creative, fun and modern. I like natural poses, interesting textures and fun props. I am one of the only 100% digital newborn photographers in the Baltimore area and am thrilled to offer high-resolution digital files to my clients.

    You can view my recent work by scrolling down, or visit my portfolio by clicking on one of the "portfolio" links at the top. Also, I truly enjoy donating my photography services to new adoptive families through my non-profit organization, Red Thread Sessions. I am no longer accepting new clients to focus on my family and do not have intentions of returning to work soon. It has been such a pleasure to work with so many families through the years, and I truly cherish every single one! May God bless your day!

Happy Birthday Beautiful!

We met up at Hammerman today to celebrate Miss G.’s 4th birthday! Isn’t she gorgeous? Her blue eyes are so reflective and bright and the pink dress really stands out! It was crazy sunny (and ridiculously hot!), so Mom stepped in to hold a diffuser for me – it worked just perfectly!
I’m still really digging my serendipity action, so I used it on #2 and #4 – love, love, love how it looks with the pink!
Thanks Mom for a fun early morning session! Thanks also for my newest props – I can’t wait to try out the new earflap hat!
Melanie - July 18, 2010 - 12:58 am

Thank you for a great morning. We had fun, as always! You do such amazing work at capturing the best in everyone. I love this sneak peek of my birthday girl and know I will love the other's just as much. You are very welcome for you new props. I look forward to seeing them in action. Let me know how the earflap hat works out size wise and then I will get the boy one made asap 🙂

Why I do what I do

One of my recent clients made this card for me … isn’t this just awesome? She is a Stampin’ Up! representative and I can clearly see why! Seriously this made my day (maybe even my week!). THANK YOU!

"Having a sister is like …

“… having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, she’ll still be there.” -Amy Li

I feel like that quote is the PERFECT way to describe these sisters, you can see their love for each other just emanating!

I am in love with all of the colors from the surroundings, but I’m really feeling the drama of the b&w conversions today:

One last shot for fun … who doesn’t love a sisterly arm hug? LOL.

I think a fun time was had by ALL at this session yesterday! We had great weather, our location was beautiful and the girls ROCKED it! I photographed them last during my Christmas mini-sessions, so it was wonderful to see them again!

Happy Birthday Miss A!

I met Miss A. and her parents at Swan Harbor Farm this morning to commemorate her first birthday! We had really great weather after all of that rain yesterday. Isn’t this family totally adorable? You may remember them from HERE when I photographed Miss A. at 7 months. I just love this little woman’s dark brown eyes – so dramatic and pretty!

She is now a PRO (seriously – an absolute pro) at walking. I normally start having difficulties keeping up with little ones at about 18 months, so she is way ahead of the game.

We employed a few of my props to try and slow her down … they worked … for a few seconds. LOL. Fortunately her daddy is super funny and was able to get a few laughs out of her.

I processed this next one with my new “serendipity” action – it looks awesome with the red barn background. Plus Miss A. is sporting her “I’m a model and this is my serious face” attitude. LOL. I love her!

I threw in one extra because it just makes me smile. LOL. Actually this is one of my favorites from the session. This is a true happy baby – who wouldn’t enjoy pulling her dress up and letting her hair blow in the breeze?!

Mom & Dad – it was great to see your family again, thanks for meeting up with me and being flexible with a rain reschedule! Happy Birthday to your little angel, she gets prettier and prettier!

Ruff, Ruff

So what does a photographer do when all of her sessions have been postponed and it’s yucky outside?? She bumps up the ISO on her camera and tests out new products on her son! That’s normal, right?
I just got this doggy hat in the mail from Mel, my client-turned-friend (and amazing crocheter!). Check out her site HERE if you’re looking for an adorable hat or prop for an upcoming session (or maybe if you’re like me and you just love cuteness always). She is super-talented and always exceeds my expectations. This doggy hat is now in my bag of tricks – let me know if you’d like to use it! It will work best for babies that are just sitting up (6-7 months) to ~2 year olds. My son is 2 1/2 and it still looks good on him.
Yay for me that Ryan adores hats. LOL. Most kids are not in this boat, so the younger the baby, the better (before they can take it off!). This hat is particularly fitting for my little man because he has recently been telling me that he is a dog and is crawling around on all fours. Should I be worried? LOL. Actually I think it’s great that his imagination is starting to come alive 🙂
So anywho – this was my rainy day project – I really, really love the 1st and 2nd shots. Maybe it’s mommy goggles, but that is one adorable kid!
Melanie - July 11, 2010 - 8:32 pm

Not mommy goggles. He is stunningly adorable! My favorite I think was the second one. That is the one I chose to use on my site…atleast for now 🙂 Thanks for all the praise. I love creating these adorable items and I am so glad you like them too. More cuteness to come in the future 🙂