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    *Please note that I am no longer accepting new clients.*

    Thank you so much for visiting! I am Nicole, a custom newborn photographer and owner of Nicole Renée Newborns. I specialize in Newborn Portraiture in Baltimore County, Maryland and surrounding areas. I am a studio-only photographer working with natural light. I would describe my style as creative, fun and modern. I like natural poses, interesting textures and fun props. I am one of the only 100% digital newborn photographers in the Baltimore area and am thrilled to offer high-resolution digital files to my clients.

    You can view my recent work by scrolling down, or visit my portfolio by clicking on one of the "portfolio" links at the top. Also, I truly enjoy donating my photography services to new adoptive families through my non-profit organization, Red Thread Sessions. I am no longer accepting new clients to focus on my family and do not have intentions of returning to work soon. It has been such a pleasure to work with so many families through the years, and I truly cherish every single one! May God bless your day!

Happy Father’s Day! {Baltimore Child Photographer}

Happy Father’s Day from my family to yours!  I hope it’s an awesome, spectacular day!  Dads certainly don’t always get the credit they often deserve, but we can’t imagine our lives without ours, that’s for sure!  Thanks Dads, for everything you do!

PS – I leave for Mexico tomorrow for my short-term Mission Trip.  I will have sporadic access to email and internet, so I will not be answering emails while I’m gone.  I will, however, try very hard to update my personal blog as often as possible.  If you’d like to follow along, please visit the blog at Living Out His Love.  I’ll also be updating my personal blog’s Facebook page as much as possible if that works best for you.  Thanks again for everyone’s support, it means so much!

A family of 4, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 1 goat and 1 horse

I photographed this family back in April when all of these gorgeous yellow wildflowers were blooming on their farm.  I must say, I don’t think I have ever laughed so much at a session … ever!  Not only was this foursome a total treat to work with, well … their furry friends were an absolute hoot.  I was not kidding with the title above – I really did photograph all of those animals!  We weren’t able to get them all in one frame together but we sure had fun trying!  I adore all of the colors in these portraits and I know they are going to look great on the walls of their home!

Next SHOOT MY KIDS! Workshop date announced!

The next SHOOT MY KIDS! Workshop date

is scheduled for Friday, July 27, 2012 at 7pm at my Home Studio in Perry Hall!

Don’t know what a SHOOT MY KIDS! Workshop is?
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Find out about this awesomely fun workshop just for moms who have
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And then, email me at or use the “Contact Me” button
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I’ll see you then!

And if you can’t make this Workshop date but are still interested, I am looking for a few guinea pigs,
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Worth the wait {Maryland Adoption Photographer}

I can’t tell you how much celebrating adoption with other families through photography just fills me up!  I love using photography to give back to other families who have been down the arduous adoption road.  When I got the email that Miss Reagan was born AND in Mom & Dad’s arms, I rejoiced right along with her family.  They had quite a long and bumpy road to her, and I am so unbelievably thrilled to have the opportunity to welcome her into her new family also.  The love Mom & Dad share for their sweet daughter is clearly overwhelming … it’s easy to feel just by being in the room with them for a few minutes.  And I can certainly see why they are so smitten – at 4 weeks old, little Miss Reagan Mae was so good to me!  She slept like a 5-day-old newborn, had the most perfect skin and had such a sweet disposition.

Instead of paraphrasing Reagan’s adoption story in my own words, I thought it would be nicer to read it straight from her Mama’s heart … here is their adoption story:

“On May 14, 2012 Rob and I were at work carrying out our usual routines.  We had both reached a point of wondering if we were ever going to be parents.  Around 11:30am, I received a phone call from our adoption agency saying that a healthy baby girl had been born 2 days earlier in Dallas, Texas.  She was the sixth biological child born to a married couple who were unable to financially care for another child.  Their love for their baby girl led them to create an adoption plan and in turn made our 5-year dream of becoming parents come true!

Adoption is not about a birth mother’s rejection, but an unconditional love that inspires her to put herself last and do all she can for her baby.

We were told we had 24 hours to arrive in Texas.  We booked a flight for 6:15am the following morning.  We arrived in Dallas around 11:15am and drove to the hospital getting lost several times along the way.  We finally arrived at the hospital close to 1:00pm and still hadn’t heard if the birth family had signed the paperwork.  In Texas, once the birth parents sign, their decision is irrevocable.  I texted our adoption agency as we sat in our rental car outside the hospital.  Finally, around 1:30pm we received a text to go into the hospital and meet with the Texas social worker … but nothing saying the birth parents had signed.  We got out of the car and walked toward the hospital not knowing if we were parents or going to be told to get back on the airplane and head home.

As we walked through the hospital doors, we saw our social worker who said, “Hello Mommy and Daddy.”  The birth parents had signed and the baby girl waiting upstairs was our daughter.  We went up to the nursery and held her right away.  Finally!  We signed tons of paperwork and then were released from the hospital with our daughter.

We stayed in Texas 10 days waiting for clearance from Texas and Maryland to cross state lines.  On May 25th, we traveled back to Baltimore and welcomed Reagan home.

Reagan is a healthy and happy newborn and now weighs 9.28 pounds!  We have learned so much on our journey to become parents and as painful and heartbreaking as it was at times, our baby girl was definitely worth the wait!”

Please help me welcome baby Reagan home and congratulate her beautiful parents!  And if you want to read about more heartwarming adoption stories and see their family portraits, head on over to the Red Thread Sessions site.  Reagan Mae will be featured over there on Tuesday!

Cristine - June 11, 2012 - 4:41 pm

Welcome home baby Reagan. Congratulations to you Mommy and Daddy! Such a long wait, but I’m sure well worth it forever more!! Enjoy your little girl!

Liz Aquino - June 11, 2012 - 9:29 pm

She is so beautiful. I can’t wait to see her again.

Kristen Skerry - June 12, 2012 - 5:45 pm

Beautiful family, beautiful story. Welcome baby Reagan!!!

Deb @ Creating Christian Families - July 9, 2012 - 7:58 pm

So happy for Karen, Rob and baby Reagan!

Handsomest little dude! {Kingsville Child Photographer}

I have watched this little guy grow from a tiny peanut (seriously, he was a teeny little thing!) to a joyful, carefree, loving 2-year-old!  I have the best job!  We had such a fun afternoon yesterday and I so enjoyed getting to catch up with Mr. K’s whole family.  He is very much into all things 2-year-old – wanting to run, jump and fall while trying his best to stay away from the camera.  LOL.  Fortunately for me, he just exudes happiness and he couldn’t hold out from eye contact with me.  I was also able to catch some really sweet moments with mama, big sister and daddy … he sure is loved!  B. Family, as always, it was an absolute pleasure!