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Happy Birthday to Happy Miss S! {Towson Child Photographer}

How gorgeous and HAPPY is this little one?! We met up yesterday with Mom & Dad to commemorate her first birthday. We had the most *perfect* weather any photographer could possibly ask for.

Miss S. was in such a great mood – so joyful and full of life! You can see she also has some really impressive walking skills – wow was she on the GO! She’s a quick little one, but I was still able to keep up with her 🙂 She also likes to dance, as evidenced by the next 2 images.

Isn’t the red dress stunning? You’ll be surprised to find out that Dad picked this one out – go Dad!

There are certain images that just scream “convert me to b&w!” – this was one of them. Oh the drama … just love the contrast of her dress and her eyes.

This is another one that has d-r-a-m-a written all over it. It works perfectly with my vintage processing.

I had a super-fun time shooting this session! I can’t wait to get my hands on the rest of the images to process too! Thank you Mom & Dad for the privilege of photographing your little one – she’s just perfect in every way!