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Happy Birthday Miss A!

I met Miss A. and her parents at Swan Harbor Farm this morning to commemorate her first birthday! We had really great weather after all of that rain yesterday. Isn’t this family totally adorable? You may remember them from HERE when I photographed Miss A. at 7 months. I just love this little woman’s dark brown eyes – so dramatic and pretty!

She is now a PRO (seriously – an absolute pro) at walking. I normally start having difficulties keeping up with little ones at about 18 months, so she is way ahead of the game.

We employed a few of my props to try and slow her down … they worked … for a few seconds. LOL. Fortunately her daddy is super funny and was able to get a few laughs out of her.

I processed this next one with my new “serendipity” action – it looks awesome with the red barn background. Plus Miss A. is sporting her “I’m a model and this is my serious face” attitude. LOL. I love her!

I threw in one extra because it just makes me smile. LOL. Actually this is one of my favorites from the session. This is a true happy baby – who wouldn’t enjoy pulling her dress up and letting her hair blow in the breeze?!

Mom & Dad – it was great to see your family again, thanks for meeting up with me and being flexible with a rain reschedule! Happy Birthday to your little angel, she gets prettier and prettier!