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Happy {belated} Memorial Day!

I had the amazing pleasure of spending Memorial Day afternoon with this new family! Mr. C’s parents were so wonderful and hospitable and didn’t even mind that I got lost coming to their house (umm … twice actually). Dad was very patient on the phone making sure I got there!
I had kind of a rough start with this little guy. Dad worked his powers (again, twice!) to get him to sleep … we’d get him situated and ready for my camera and then he’d wake up. LOL. I snapped a few here and there, but the poor little guy just wasn’t having it. We tried a third time, in the cocoon, and we magically hit baby boy’s happy place. I didn’t move him a ton for fear of waking him up, but I’m thrilled with our results. Woohoo, I guess the third time really IS the charm?!
Most of my favorites are in the cocoon, but how darling is the Memorial Day-inspired pose? Ahhh, perfection! And that one was during his not-so-happy time 🙂
Mom & Dad – thank you for allowing me to capture your new bundle of joy. You were definitely troopers throughout the entire session, I’m so glad we persevered! I’ll let you know as soon as I finish up with the rest of your proofs. Take care and good luck!