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Gorgeous family portrait

Above – a more “traditional” family portrait.
Below – a photojournalistic in-the-moment family portrait – totally my thing. I absolutely love this image – so perfect. In fact, it might be my favorite from the session. Both of these are awesome family portraits, but I really love this 2nd one!

These sisters are stunning! They obviously got their dramatic brown eyes from their gorgeous mama – I am digging these awesome b&w’s!

I threw in one extra of little sis because … well, it was just too cute not to include! Both sisters did such a fantastic job today, thank you girls!

I haven’t mentioned yet that I was ecstatic to see the colors this family was wearing! Mom rocked out this wardrobe choice – everyone was so well coordinated. The dresses came from The Children’s Place (I love that store!).
C. Family – What a GREAT session we had! There are lots of great shots to choose from – these are a few of my favorites so far 🙂 I’ll be in touch when I finish up!