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Fall fun! {Bel Air Photographer}

I think it’s pretty easy to tell that I really enjoyed this session! The kids were a riot and they really had a ton of fun together. Mom & Dad joined in too … what a super cool family to spend the afternoon with!

Although I personally prefer to see all of the colors of fall, Mom really loves black & whites, so I included a few for her.

Totally adorable – Miss. P. is the same age as my Peyton and she loved the camera (soooo unlike my daughter)!

Can you believe all of this beauty is in their backyard?? Amazing! The next few shots of Mr. N. were shot behind their backyard – there is a stunning beachy area, sand & water included! It’s “his” spot and he goes there all the time.

I had to jump over a stream to get to it, but Mr. N. was such a gentleman and held the pricker bushes out of the way for me! It was certainly worth the hike – I was in awe, it’s no wonder he likes to go there all the time! I joked with him that I’d have to ask Mom to let me come back to photograph other kids there too! LOL.

One last shot of some sibling love – I really enjoyed watching them play and roll around in the leaves!

Mom & Dad – THANK YOU for inviting me into your home! There is obviously a lot of love in your family, it truly shows in your portraits. I am tickled with the moments we captured – so much that I couldn’t narrow down just a few images for the blog 🙂