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Dainty little princess {Maryland Newborn Photographer}

I have been on a baby girl roll for the last few weeks!  I just adore all the pink, purple, ruffles and headbands 🙂  Dainty Miss S. pretty much only wanted to be swaddled yesterday – even when moving very slowly, the slightest changes would startle her.  So we worked with wraps for awhile until she relaxed enough for us to be able to capture some pretty non-wrap portraits.  Although we had a bit of a rough start, she was an absolute angel for me and I am so thrilled with our results.  My session with her just re-instilled my love of wraps and simplicity, and I think you’ll see why too!  Congratulations to  Miss L.’s family, I can already tell that big sis is fitting into her roll just perfectly!