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Curious about Cropping?

Have you ever wondered what cropping images does to your portraits? I put together this Cropping Guide to make it easier to understand. There are tons of other print sizes available but these are the most popular. I automatically size all digital files to 4×6 unless otherwise specified – that’s what the image above is also. (If you are having trouble seeing all of the crops, click on the image and it will open larger in another window.)
You’ll see the only crop that will give you the whole image is 16×24. A 5×7 crop is a close second. This is why I try to crop a bit wider when creating files for clients – so that not too much of the image is lost when making enlargements. Saving files this way gives clients a bit more freedom when making prints.
When ordering from Mpix, you have the ability to move the crop as well, this is great news! Let’s say you wanted a little less head room at the top and more on the bottom – you can adjust which part of the image is cropped. For example, in the portrait above … if I were going to print a 10×13, I’d move the crop to include her whole foot at the bottom, like this:

You can see that this one differs from the original 10×13 crop because it now includes her entire foot – easy peasy to do with Mpix.
Have I mentioned how great Mpix is?! It’s my preferred lab for all consumer printing – I send ALL of my clients there. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, do it! It takes a bit longer than going to Walmart, CVS, Walgreen, Target, etc. and the cost is *slightly* higher, but the minor expense and wait are absolutely worth it. After investing in custom portraits, doesn’t it make sense to have them printed on professionally calibrated machines that use quality professional papers? YES!