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Red Thread Sessions 2012 Adoptive Families

I am so honored to have helped found an organization of photographers that gives back to adoptive families. It has been so thrilling and inspiring to see over 450 professional photographers across the U.S. selflessly volunteer their time with Red Thread Sessions over this past year. There is so much talent among our photographers, oh what a blessing they have been to us and to adoptive families throughout the nation! I think our launch year has been much more successful than any of us would have ever dreamed. After working our way through it with lots of trial and error, it will be even more exciting to see Red Thread Sessions continue to blossom and reach more people. I am so grateful to call this “my baby” and am so incredibly hopeful to see what the future holds!

As we celebrate our one year anniversary, please help me in congratulating the Red Thread Sessions 2012 Adoptive Families, there were over 100! I put this slideshow together for the upcoming Created 4 Care retreat, and absolutely adore it. It is easy to see LOVE in these images, oh it makes my heart sing! Thank you for your support!

So loved! {Baltimore Adoption Photographer}

I absolutely adore this little man and his very special mama.  His Dad is pretty awesome too  🙂  I was able to witness and live vicariously through their adoption journey and also had the pleasure of welcoming them home from China a few weeks ago.  Mom and little guy came over for a visit earlier this week and we got to introduce the kids for the first time.  Lemmetellya … my little Sunshine is absolutely smitten.  I don’t know if it’s their similar Chinese heritage or their similar smoochable lips, but she cried when they left.  It was precious.  The kids played together, Mom and I chatted through the interruptions, and we even managed to sneak in a very impromptu, very mini, mini-session of mama and her sweet boy.  Here are some of the results!

Welcome home! {Maryland Adoption Photography}

Airport homecomings are not typically a type of Red Thread Session that I offer, but when a very special friend is bringing her very special son home, exceptions are made! There is so much emotion in an airport homecoming, truly there is not a way to put the feelings into words.  To see the culmination of all the prayer, patience, hope and old-fashioned hard work is literally priceless.  It is one of the most amazing events to be a part of and of course allows me to re-live our own homecoming all over again.

Trying to tell the story in just a few images on the blog is proving to be quite difficult though, but here is my attempt:

The beauty of adoption {Baltimore Adoption Photography}

It’s no secret that I have a heart for adoption.  Founding Red Thread Sessions and then watching it blossom right before my eyes over the last year has been indescribable.  It’s amazing to see so many photographers rallying around something that I have such a passion for.  When I see families like this AND I get to create portraits them … well it just means so much!  Mom is a photographer and fellow homeschooler in the same co-op, so our kids get to be together once a week.  I’ve watched their family grow from five to eight over the last few months, what a special thing to witness!  Their family has a natural-born son and daughter, a son from Korea and the three oldest children recently came home from Ethiopia.

Although it was a bit cold, we got together for a mini-session to celebrate the newest three coming home.  It was an absolute joy to work with them and it’s easy to see how much everyone loves one another.  There was a lot of laughing, silliness, dancing, singing, and hugging!  So delightful!  To read  more about this family, please visit their blog – The Cork Board!

A Full House! {Baltimore Adoption Photographer}

Oh, how I love big families!  And they hold an even more special place in my heart when they’ve been woven together through adoption.  Mom is a dear friend, and this was the first time I had the pleasure of meeting all of her precious treasures.  You would never know by looking at these portraits, but sweet Miss M. (2nd from the right) is the newest addition to this gang.  She fits in so perfectly, it’s just like she was always there.  Although you can’t tell from her size, Miss M. is technically now the oldest child in the family, although I think someone else will likely retain that role, at least for awhile anyway.

Mom asked for portraits mostly of the littles, although she did get in a few of them … and of course, that made me very happy!  Nothing like a mama with her babes, I tell ya.  Unfortunately Dad wasn’t able to be with us, but I’m pretty sure these images will make him smile!  Here are some of my favorites …