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Pretty in Purple {Perry Hall Baby Photography}

I had the pleasure of working with this precious baby girl yesterday.  She made her debut three weeks early and is just as perfect as can be.  She already knows what she wants in life and reminds me so much of one of my blessings 🙂 Sweet little one’s nursery is done in grays and purples, so we went with a lot of those colors for her session, but I had fun throwing in some neutrals too.  Welcome to the world, gorgeous Baby R!

Four Days New {Perry Hall Newborn Photographer}

Yes, this sweet little one was in front of my camera at just four days new!  She was so precious!  She may have had her own ideas about how the session should go, but she was so easy to rock into dreamland and such a great sleeper for me.  And as always, I so enjoyed the time I spent getting to know mom & dad also.  Little Miss A. is so loved and already such a treasure to her family!

Sleeping beauty {Baltimore Infant Photographer}

What a little doll she was!  Sweet Miss A. took a bit of coaxing to get to sleep, but all of the sleepy baby tricks eventually worked beautifully and she snoozed through the whole session.  She was so much fun to pose and accessorize!  And as usual, it was such a joy to chat the morning away with mom & dad too – that’s always half the fun of my sessions!

Happy little bundle of love {Baltimore Newborn Photographer}

I met this little love yesterday morning.  He was such a dream!  As long as he had enough in his belly, he was as sleepy as could be.    So squishy and perfect at two weeks old.  I so enjoyed hanging out with mom & dad too, who were preparing for a family wedding today!  Lots of exciting things going on, wishing the family many blessings on such a special day!

Little charmer {Perry Hall Newborn Photography}

Oh I couldn’t get enough of sweet, precious H.  He was a little peanut, born 4 weeks prematurely, and such a sleepy love.  We finished up our session in record time, about 2 1/2 hours, and I am so pleased with our results.  World, meet the new Mr. H., he’s going to be stealing some hearts!