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Smile …

It makes people wonder what you’re thinking πŸ™‚ Or in this case, maybe a smile just means gas. LOL. Either way, it’s precious! This little guy was one of my smiley-est to date! Check out this next smirk – love it!

He also set another new record for me yesterday – he’s the smallest peanut I’ve ever photographed. He was born 6 weeks early and spent just a few weeks in the NICU. He technically should still be in his momma’s belly but he now weighs in at a little over 5lbs. He has the smallest little bottom!

I love this next one – a tiny smile and bashful at the same time! LOL.

This was another great session (I’m on a roll with the baby boys!) – little man pretty much passed out for me and just stayed that way. He preferred to be stretched out but I got him pretty curled up too πŸ™‚
Thanks to Mom & Dad for allowing me to capture such a special time in your life! I’m so glad your little guy is finally home and healthy!

Record-setting newborn!

Ok, I’m pretty much in LOVE with this little guy! He has the best creamy baby skin, adorable chub and cute little rolls! He also passed out pretty darn well for us and was happy to do just about anything I wanted (at least until we pulled out the Dr. Seuss books). I adore these shots soooo much in color that I just didn’t want to post any of the b&w’s!
And you may be wondering what record this little guy set yesterday – he definitely holds the new record for the most pee and poo in one session – I have never had so many blankets and wraps soiled at one time! LOL. When I got that first little smirk, I should have just known something was coming because he sure did! Once he got it all out though, he was good to go – what a great little model! I’m thrilled with our results πŸ™‚

Pretty girl

You may remember Miss A. from her newborn session HERE. She’s now 3 months old and growing into a beautiful blue-eyed baby girl. She was in and out of being happy, but really was mostly content throughout our entire session. We got some really great shots (yay!) and I was able to capture those pretty baby blues.
I have to say though, my favorite is definitely that first one. What a precious capture … so calm and peaceful – I’m super glad we waited for it! I also really love the last one, just so sweet! I prefer it as a square crop but also have the 4×6 for Mom πŸ™‚
Thanks Mom & Dad for being so accommodating (as usual!) – it was a lot of fun to see you again! I look forward to our next session!

Brown-eyed baby girl

What an adorable 6 month old baby girl! We started this session at Swan Harbor Farm, but Miss L. had other plans for us. We ended up in her gorgeous bedroom and got some really sweet shots. This little one is pretty serious – but we managed to get a few smiles out of her. It took some coaxing, but I’m thrilled! I especially love that first shot – so precious!
Mom & Dad – THANK YOU! LOL. You were so willing to be flexible and I really appreciate it! I’ll let you know as soon as I finish up with the rest!

Happy {belated} Memorial Day!

I had the amazing pleasure of spending Memorial Day afternoon with this new family! Mr. C’s parents were so wonderful and hospitable and didn’t even mind that I got lost coming to their house (umm … twice actually). Dad was very patient on the phone making sure I got there!
I had kind of a rough start with this little guy. Dad worked his powers (again, twice!) to get him to sleep … we’d get him situated and ready for my camera and then he’d wake up. LOL. I snapped a few here and there, but the poor little guy just wasn’t having it. We tried a third time, in the cocoon, and we magically hit baby boy’s happy place. I didn’t move him a ton for fear of waking him up, but I’m thrilled with our results. Woohoo, I guess the third time really IS the charm?!
Most of my favorites are in the cocoon, but how darling is the Memorial Day-inspired pose? Ahhh, perfection! And that one was during his not-so-happy time πŸ™‚
Mom & Dad – thank you for allowing me to capture your new bundle of joy. You were definitely troopers throughout the entire session, I’m so glad we persevered! I’ll let you know as soon as I finish up with the rest of your proofs. Take care and good luck!