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Mama’s little princes {Baltimore Twin Photographer}

These two little guys were a special duo.  They were so good during their entire session, I had a lot fun working with them!  It was also such a pleasure to meet mom & dad and have the opportunity to chat with them.  It was awesome to watch them together in caring for their boys  – they are such a good team and I even said at one point that they were just meant to be the parents of twins!  I’m thrilled with our results and am so grateful for the opportunity to work with this family  🙂

Sleeping beauty {White Marsh Newborn Photography}

This little lady really was a sleeping beauty.  She visited me at the studio very early on Friday morning with her parents and was so very accommodating to me!  She slept just about the entire session and was happy to oblige me in any way I posed her.  She was such a little sweetheart and looked just like a precious baby doll.  I was so glad to have the opportunity to work with her and it was a total pleasure to chat with mom & dad too!

Sugar & Spice {Baltimore Newborn Twin Photography}

I was so happy to get the opportunity to work with these precious girls and their parents!  They were four weeks old at their session yesterday, so a bit more awake and stretched out than my typical newborns at their sessions.  But oh they did a great job for us!  It’s fun to see that they have clear personalities already, and mom & dad are so great with them.  It’ll be even more fun to watch these little beauties grow into great friends when they’re older.  Thanks mom & dad for the opportunity to work with your baby girls!

A handsome little bundle {Perry Hall Newborn Photographer}

Baby J. was such a special little guy!  His mommy and daddy are friends with some of my very good friends, so it was such an honor to photograph their son’s first portraits!  He was so sweet and did a wonderful job for me this morning, sleeping just about the entire time.  He was a bit particular about his hands and feet, but he obliged me for the most part.  I am so excited to introduce their new son!

18-Day Old Sweetie {Baltimore Baby Photographer}

Oh this little guy was so sweet.  He was such a beautiful little man with an awesome head full of soft, curly hair.  I so enjoyed working with him and getting to know his mama.  He wasn’t super-excited about modeling for me last weekend, but he gave in just enough for me to grab some stunning portraits of him anyway.  I hope his gorgeous mama enjoys his images as much as I enjoyed creating them for her!