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The red dress

My mom made this stunning red velvet (yes, seriously – red velvet!) dress for my daughter. I am sadly just now getting to a few portraits of Peyton wearing it. Fortunately it was worth the wait – I was super thrilled with how these turned out. Here are just a couple – with the first being my absolute favorite. The rest are posted on my personal blog. She looks so grown up … why do they grow up so darn fast?!

Birthday Princess

This session was bittersweet for me because Miss J. was the first newborn I photographed. Her “first year” has come to an end waaay too quickly! It’s been amazing to capture her over this past year, she’s growing into such a beautiful little girl.

She was super serious today – so smiles were hard to come by. But I truly think it doesn’t matter when you have eyes as amazing as hers. They really tell it all!

Isn’t she sporting the cutest tutu? She is also the first kiddo to sit on my new barnwood floor 🙂 It’s the coolest!

Yup, like I said – her eyes are amazing – so dramatic in black & white.

Miss J. – it’s been an absolute pleasure to watch you grow over the past year. You are such a pretty little thing – Mommy & Daddy will be beating the boys away with sticks in a few years, I just know it!

Little Sailor

I think I’m in love with this little guy! At just 6 months, he’s already a perfect model. He couldn’t have been more happy and put up with everything we asked of him. And, seriously – those eyes … ahhh … just love them! PS – that’s Daddy’s Navy hat in that first portrait – sooo precious!

If you’ve ever had a baby session with me, you know I’m generally against photographing a pacifier. In this little man’s situation however – it’s really a part of who he is at this age. It seemed like a perfect addition to a few of the portraits (just a few!).

Mom, I’d say we definitely captured a few (ok, a lot!) of keepers. I’m super excited with our results and hope you are too! I can’t wait to see little J. in another 3 months, take care!

Gorgeous new baby girl

Such a precious little angel at just over 2 weeks old. She made me work for these portraits though – I’m convinced mom will have her hands full in a few years! After not getting anywhere at our session on Saturday, we met again yesterday and we finally had success about 2 hours into the session 🙂
Little S. was still moving around, but teamwork with mom resulted in these awesome images. We got some really fantastic portraits – I just LOVE that first one! I did a special “glaze” effect to give it that glowy look – my favorite! It was a pleasure to capture these – thank you so much for the opportunity!