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Relaxed Saturday morning {Aberdeen Family Photographer}

I spent a really fun morning with the F. family on Saturday! I have photographed their family 6 times (I think), so this makes a 7th? We wanted to capture little J. at 18 months but were obviously limited in outdoor locations, so Mom opted for a relaxed session at their house. We went for a lifestyle/photojournalistic session – there was lots of playing and I just sat back and photographed. It was SO fun! We read books …

And more books (ok, maybe there was a little posing – LOL) …

And more books!

We built and then knocked down intricate block towers (seriously, I think J. may have architectural work in his future).

We took apart and then put all of the puzzles together.

We played in J’s beautiful nursery that was custom-painted by Mommy. J. also gave lots of hugs to his favorite toy, Scout.

He got some nice hugs and snuggles from Mommy too πŸ™‚

F. family, thank you again for yet another opportunity to capture your family. I can’t get over how big J. is getting – he has blossomed into such a fun little guy. I just can’t wait until our next session when we’ll be celebrating his 2nd birthday! Where in the world does the time go?

Faces of the 2010 Christmas {Mini-Sessions}

This post sure is *LONG* overdue! LOL. I’m coming off of my mini-Thanksgiving break and really wanted to get these posted before sessions started up again!
I’m pleased to introduce you to all of my 2010 Christmas {mini-session} families! These kiddos are all so stinkin’ cute and I had so much fun with them! It was wonderful to see so many returning faces, but I also really enjoyed meeting some new ones too!
Merry Christmas!

Gorgeous weather for a stunning family {Kingsville Professional Photographer}

What a great day we had for a session! In mid-late November, it truly does not get any better than the weather we had over the weekend! I had the pleasure of hanging out with and photographing this beautiful family πŸ™‚ Mr. N. is about to turn 3 so we wanted to capture some shots to commemorate his birthday AND grab a few family shots. He also brought along his very pretty Aunt – Miss E. – who is only 12!
Although Mr. N. wasn’t super-fond of the camera at first, you can easily see that he warmed up quickly. I just love what I’ve gone through so far – I couldn’t narrow down the peak to just a few. Mom & Dad – I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed creating them! I’ll let you know as soon as I’m finished up πŸ™‚

Fall fun! {Bel Air Photographer}

I think it’s pretty easy to tell that I really enjoyed this session! The kids were a riot and they really had a ton of fun together. Mom & Dad joined in too … what a super cool family to spend the afternoon with!

Although I personally prefer to see all of the colors of fall, Mom really loves black & whites, so I included a few for her.

Totally adorable – Miss. P. is the same age as my Peyton and she loved the camera (soooo unlike my daughter)!

Can you believe all of this beauty is in their backyard?? Amazing! The next few shots of Mr. N. were shot behind their backyard – there is a stunning beachy area, sand & water included! It’s “his” spot and he goes there all the time.

I had to jump over a stream to get to it, but Mr. N. was such a gentleman and held the pricker bushes out of the way for me! It was certainly worth the hike – I was in awe, it’s no wonder he likes to go there all the time! I joked with him that I’d have to ask Mom to let me come back to photograph other kids there too! LOL.

One last shot of some sibling love – I really enjoyed watching them play and roll around in the leaves!

Mom & Dad – THANK YOU for inviting me into your home! There is obviously a lot of love in your family, it truly shows in your portraits. I am tickled with the moments we captured – so much that I couldn’t narrow down just a few images for the blog πŸ™‚

A Chilly Morning in B-more, Hon!

These kiddos were SUCH troopers this morning! We met early at Sherwood Gardens – it was less than 50 degrees outside and the ground was still *really* wet with dew. Surprisingly enough, Miss G. is the only one that doesn’t mind getting dirty. LOL. Go figure πŸ™‚ Mom’s sweater turned into a nice sitting pad for the boys though, so all was good! I will say that I got covered in mud … but hey, that’s one of the fun parts of my job!
P. Family – it was so awesome to see you again! I had fun, as always, and I’m pretty excited about our results … I hope you are too!
PS – to anyone that has ever ordered a crocheted accessory from Mel’s Crocheted Creations, you can finally meet Mel! She’s the beautiful momma to these kiddos!