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Adorable birthday boy

This was the second time I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this little guy – what an adorable kid! He seems to have this “serious” side that only comes out when I am with him. LOL. But I managed to steal several shots of him smiling and being himself. He was lots of fun to work with today and the weather couldn’t have been more gorgeous despite the gloomy forecast 🙂
Mom & Dad thought this session would be fun to do at Patapsaco State Park – what a great choice! We were even able to get a super cool family portrait with a waterfall as the background – so excited about that one! I wanted to post it too, but there were so many cute portraits of little L. by himself that it just didn’t make it into the peek. Thank you again for allowing me to capture your little guy’s first birthday, what a fun milestone! Happy Mother’s Day!

A beautiful family

It was SUCH a humid day, but these adorable kids didn’t seem to mind, thank goodness! All 3 have their own personalities and they definitely showed during our session. There were so many awesome individual portraits of these kiddos, but this last one has my heart … the best part was that she was acting like a goof and was pretty much done with posing for me.
Mom & Dad have done a fantastic job with these little ones – they are ALL gorgeous and are really sweet kids. It was a pleasure spending a super-sticky evening with you all! Thank you so much for the opportunity to photograph your kiddos!

Miss Personality

What a fun girl 🙂 This little woman had about a million different facial expressions and was full of personality! I really enjoyed watching her bounce around from one thing to the next, and I LOVED watching her curly hair blow in the wind!
Thanks Mom & Dad for letting me have some fun with your little girl – she’s gorgeous! I know I mentioned this at the session, but I just adored her little outfit – so much that I couldn’t bare to convert any of these to black & white!

Three birthdays

These 3 gorgeous siblings are all celebrating their birthdays, how fun! We had nice enough weather to get outside and really enjoy ourselves. Older brother is SUCH a ham and little Miss A. is the happiest baby on the planet, I swear! Mr. C. (the middle guy in the first & fourth portraits) was a bit more of a challenge, but a few bribes got him to open up for me perfectly.
I just love how they all resemble each other but are also so different at the same time. They all have incredible eyes but they’re all different colors – soooo cool (and fun for me to photograph!). And BTW, Miss A. is the absolute spitting image of her Momma – wow! I had such a blast today, I really DO go to my happy place when I can photograph kiddos outside. I have the BEST job EVER!

Birthday Princess

This session was bittersweet for me because Miss J. was the first newborn I photographed. Her “first year” has come to an end waaay too quickly! It’s been amazing to capture her over this past year, she’s growing into such a beautiful little girl.

She was super serious today – so smiles were hard to come by. But I truly think it doesn’t matter when you have eyes as amazing as hers. They really tell it all!

Isn’t she sporting the cutest tutu? She is also the first kiddo to sit on my new barnwood floor 🙂 It’s the coolest!

Yup, like I said – her eyes are amazing – so dramatic in black & white.

Miss J. – it’s been an absolute pleasure to watch you grow over the past year. You are such a pretty little thing – Mommy & Daddy will be beating the boys away with sticks in a few years, I just know it!