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Happy Birthday to Happy Miss S! {Towson Child Photographer}

How gorgeous and HAPPY is this little one?! We met up yesterday with Mom & Dad to commemorate her first birthday. We had the most *perfect* weather any photographer could possibly ask for.

Miss S. was in such a great mood – so joyful and full of life! You can see she also has some really impressive walking skills – wow was she on the GO! She’s a quick little one, but I was still able to keep up with her 🙂 She also likes to dance, as evidenced by the next 2 images.

Isn’t the red dress stunning? You’ll be surprised to find out that Dad picked this one out – go Dad!

There are certain images that just scream “convert me to b&w!” – this was one of them. Oh the drama … just love the contrast of her dress and her eyes.

This is another one that has d-r-a-m-a written all over it. It works perfectly with my vintage processing.

I had a super-fun time shooting this session! I can’t wait to get my hands on the rest of the images to process too! Thank you Mom & Dad for the privilege of photographing your little one – she’s just perfect in every way!

Exploring is serious business! {Kingsville Child Photographer}

I had such a fun afternoon with this family! We were celebrating little H.’s first birthday today – what a cutie patootie! He is really into exploring his surroundings – everywhere we went, he picked up a new treasure to study. You can even see the sticks and pinecone in his hands 🙂
In addition to individual portraits of H., Mom was also looking for some family shots because she is always the one behind the camera – I can certainly sympathize with that! This last shot was one of the first ones that struck me – I love how much fun everyone is having in this one!
Mom & Dad – it was a pleasure to get to know your family! Mr. H. is absolutely gorgeous – I can’t wait to see him again in the future!

Howdy Partner

How cute are these two?! Their family met up with me on literally the HOTTEST day of the year. Go figure. LOL. Fortunately they were such champs through the whole session.

Mom surprised the kids with super-fun accessories after we got some more formal portraits out of the way. Little man was thrilled because he just loves all things cowboy! His sister wasn’t as happy about the hat – I think it was a love/hate kind of thing. Fortunately I was able to snag a couple of her wearing it – so precious!

I think “baby” wasn’t supposed to be in any of the portraits but this last image is one of my favorites. Everything about it just speaks to me for some reason, but my favorites are rarely parents’ favorites too. LOL. This was actually one of the first images I shot before she came out of her shell. Her pout is absolutely priceless!

Thanks Mom & Dad for being such great sports today – it was H-O-T! Despite that though, I’m thrilled with our results! Your little ones are so precious!

Happy Birthday Miss A!

I met Miss A. and her parents at Swan Harbor Farm this morning to commemorate her first birthday! We had really great weather after all of that rain yesterday. Isn’t this family totally adorable? You may remember them from HERE when I photographed Miss A. at 7 months. I just love this little woman’s dark brown eyes – so dramatic and pretty!

She is now a PRO (seriously – an absolute pro) at walking. I normally start having difficulties keeping up with little ones at about 18 months, so she is way ahead of the game.

We employed a few of my props to try and slow her down … they worked … for a few seconds. LOL. Fortunately her daddy is super funny and was able to get a few laughs out of her.

I processed this next one with my new “serendipity” action – it looks awesome with the red barn background. Plus Miss A. is sporting her “I’m a model and this is my serious face” attitude. LOL. I love her!

I threw in one extra because it just makes me smile. LOL. Actually this is one of my favorites from the session. This is a true happy baby – who wouldn’t enjoy pulling her dress up and letting her hair blow in the breeze?!

Mom & Dad – it was great to see your family again, thanks for meeting up with me and being flexible with a rain reschedule! Happy Birthday to your little angel, she gets prettier and prettier!