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A Very Special Occasion {Owings Mills Family Photographer}

I was REALLY looking forward to this session! Mom & I were classmates at McDonogh, so it seemed like a perfect location to photograph their session. S & A are also celebrating their 10-year anniversary and they got married at McDonogh (another perfect reason to hold the session there!). The campus is insanely beautiful all day, every day – I was so excited to go back for a mini-visit!
Compared to our session last year, we definitely had our hands full this time! 1-1/2 year olds are tough by themselves, but when you add in 4 other family members, it can get pretty interesting. I will say though – both of the older sisters have an amazing record-setting amount of patience. As usual, they did everything I asked and then sat and held their positions as we attempted to coax little sis into posing for us. Everyone kept their sense of humor and we laughed … a lot. LOL.
Two and a half hours and almost an entire memory card later, there are tons of awesome images to work through. I just couldn’t narrow the peek down to my usual 5-6 images, so I posted more πŸ™‚ This is a special occasion for a very special family, so enjoy browsing through some of my favorites so far. Happy Anniversary, I hope you enjoy the sneak peek!

Happy Birthday to the Flirt!

These are always such super-fantastic fun sessions to photograph, I just love one-year-olds! They are so carefree and certainly don’t “pose” for the camera. The world is ALL about them and they really don’t care whether the camera is there or not. I get to capture “them” … just doing what they do πŸ™‚ What a wonderful job I have!
This little dude was awesome – he was full of smiles and very happy to flirt with the pretty ladies that were walking their dogs in the park. And every once in awhile, he’d even look my way, yay! I’m just thrilled with the results from our session today – he is SUCH a cutie patootie! I can’t wait to get working on the rest of these πŸ™‚ Happy Birthday to Mr. P!

Poker face {Kingsville Child Photographer}

Mom really hit the nail on the head when she said Miss R. always has her “poker face” on! It was tough to coax smiles out of her, although we did manage a few πŸ™‚ I think this first image is my favorite – what a sweetie pie!

How precious is her little diaper cover?! Love, love, love! This girl has the pensive stare down cold – check out those stunning baby blues! The combination of her eyes with those wonderfully squeezable cheeks – just so darn cute!

One of the most adorable smiles ever below! She even knows we’re celebrating her first birthday – see her finger? She got excited whenever she walked (she’s a pro, BTW) – you can really see her eyes light up!

Here are a few cake shots to finish up our sneak peek – love the one on the right … I think after destroying the cake, she decided she didn’t want any of it on her hands anymore. LOL. The girl definitely knows what she wants!

Mom & Dad, thank you for the privilege of capturing your baby girl again. One of the best part of my job is watching these little ones grow and change. I first photographed Miss R. HERE when she was a wee little thing at about 3 months old. She was a serious little one then too πŸ™‚ Happy Birthday to your baby girl! I’ll let you know as soon as I finish up with the rest of your proofs, have a great week πŸ™‚

Before & After

I thought it would be fun to post a before & after shot of the session I’m working on right now. The first one on the left is SOOC (straight out of camera), no edits. The one on the right is the proof with my processing that I’ll show Mom & Dad. The SOOC was pretty great already – setting a custom while balance makes a huge difference because I get the color right in-camera.
So I only did a few minor edits – boosted contrast, lightened & smoothed the skin, brought out those baby blues a bit, and then cropped slightly. You may also notice I cloned out that pesky twig in her left hand. I don’t always clone objects out of images, but this one was easy enough to do and it looks so much nicer without. Voila!

Cupcake princess {Towson Child Photographer}

I am seriously just LOVIN’ these little ones recently! This pretty little lady is celebrating her first birthday with a cupcake-themed party (hence the title of the post). She was perfect for us today – just purely happy and willing to do whatever we asked of her! She endured several wardrobe changes and lots of headbands (isn’t her fluffy blonde hair amazingly awesome?!).
I’m thrilled with our results … these are a few of my favorites so far but there are plenty more! Mom & Dad, I’ll let you know as soon as I finish with the rest of your proofs!