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Mine {Kingsville Child Photographer}

I am, indeed, blessed enough to be able to call this little guy “mine.” I fell in love with this image a few weeks ago, back when I shot it at Jerusalem Mill. It was one of those spur-of-the-moment, lifestyle shots … I called his name and he turned around with the most angelic smile on his face. His eyes pierce right through my heart every time he looks at me. Ahhhhh, total mama bliss πŸ™‚
And because I have had *SO MANY* rain reschedules for my most recent sessions (a big WOW on the amount of rain April has given us!!), I haven’t had much activity on the blog … so I though I’d share this one of Ryan. Let’s hope all of these April showers really do bring big, gorgeous May flowers!

Meet my nieces! {Kingsville Child Photographer}

My nieces were in town from Wisconsin this week – what better way to celebrate than with a girly-girl, sister session?! I think you can see that we had … ummm … a total BLAST! They were so much fun. I just love their personalities – all 3 so different and absolutely amazing in their own way. You can see the love beaming from them for each other … I just adore that. So special. I hope they look back on these portraits one day and remember that love. So sweet. It was really special for me to capture all of their girly-ness … lots of giggling, hugging, tickling and funny faces. I think it helped that we made Dad stay back in the car πŸ™‚

Gorgeous weather for a stunning family {Kingsville Professional Photographer}

What a great day we had for a session! In mid-late November, it truly does not get any better than the weather we had over the weekend! I had the pleasure of hanging out with and photographing this beautiful family πŸ™‚ Mr. N. is about to turn 3 so we wanted to capture some shots to commemorate his birthday AND grab a few family shots. He also brought along his very pretty Aunt – Miss E. – who is only 12!
Although Mr. N. wasn’t super-fond of the camera at first, you can easily see that he warmed up quickly. I just love what I’ve gone through so far – I couldn’t narrow down the peak to just a few. Mom & Dad – I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed creating them! I’ll let you know as soon as I’m finished up πŸ™‚

2 is better than 1! {Kingsville Professional Photographer}

It was such a pleasure to meet up with this awesome couple this morning! Although a bit brisk outside, it warmed up a little after we started moving around. As you probably figured out with the first portrait – they are expecting twins! Baby A is a girl and Baby B is a boy – how cool! I have the honor of photographing these little miracles in February (or maybe January?)!
Mom & Dad – I hope you enjoy your sneak peek! I had so much fun getting to know you today!

A few more mini-peeks

A few more images from the first weekend of mini-sessions. Actually this was the 2nd weekend because it was our Sunday rain date … but I guess still “technically” the first weekend at Jerusalem Mill. What a bunch of cuties I had … AGAIN! I love my job! LOL.
Thank you to all of these great families – your kiddos are absolutely wonderful and I had such a blast spending the morning with you!