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My Baby Girl is 5!

I took our the opportunity on vacation to shoot a 5-year session with my daughter. I had been planning this little session for months and knew I wanted to use the hat, boots and a pettiskirt. I also wanted to use her “big sister” Chinese charm necklace (you can see a great shot of it below).

I was originally thinking railroad tracks but ultimately decided on the beach when I knew we’d be going for a visit. We were able to get all of our shots before for the crazy storm hit us. You can see I used this vintage processing a lot … I just love, love, love how it works with these colors!

The storm picked up so much that Peyton’s hat almost blew away – she grabbed onto it and I took the opportunity to snap this:

Here are a few black & whites also. Her hair was crazy because the wind was blowing around so much. We even started to get sand in our eyes!

So all in all, I’m pretty pleased with how these turned out. You wouldn’t BELIEVE what Zach and I had to do to get these smiles, but it was worth it for sure! Happy 5th Birthday to my gorgeous baby girl (who is not so much of a baby anymore).
PS – For those of you that don’t know – Zach and I are in the process of adopting a baby girl from China – hence the Chinese charm (made by Jiayin Designs). We gave it to Peyton as a birthday gift hoping to make her new soon-to-be sister a bit more real for her. We’re hoping to bring her home next Spring!

Gorgeous family portrait

Above – a more “traditional” family portrait.
Below – a photojournalistic in-the-moment family portrait – totally my thing. I absolutely love this image – so perfect. In fact, it might be my favorite from the session. Both of these are awesome family portraits, but I really love this 2nd one!

These sisters are stunning! They obviously got their dramatic brown eyes from their gorgeous mama – I am digging these awesome b&w’s!

I threw in one extra of little sis because … well, it was just too cute not to include! Both sisters did such a fantastic job today, thank you girls!

I haven’t mentioned yet that I was ecstatic to see the colors this family was wearing! Mom rocked out this wardrobe choice – everyone was so well coordinated. The dresses came from The Children’s Place (I love that store!).
C. Family – What a GREAT session we had! There are lots of great shots to choose from – these are a few of my favorites so far πŸ™‚ I’ll be in touch when I finish up!

Meet Miss B’s sweet family

I’m pleased to introduce you to the rest of adorable Miss B’s family! She has a gorgeous older sister and 2 doting parents. I had sooooo much fun working on this session that I just couldn’t stop editing … so there are a few extras in the peek today πŸ™‚
PS – This was another referral session = no session fee! I’m always so excited to do these – THANK YOU for trusting me with all of your family & friends’ memories! Remember – 3 referrals for paid portrait session = a waived session fee for your family!

Girls just wanna have fun!

“Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they’ll still be there.” ~Amy Li

When mom told me she bought pettiskirts for the session, I sooooo knew we were going to have fun. These sisters sure didn’t disappoint either! They did so well together that for a minute, it made me jealous that I didn’t have a sister growing up.

Thanks Mom for this fun opportunity! There’s something about accessorizing (i.e., big poofy pettiskirts) that gets me every time!

For a childhood friend

So Facebook truly is amazing … I was able to reconnect with a friend from elementary school awhile back. She lives in Florida with her family and made a visit to Baltimore over the weekend. We were able to meet up for a fun session with her two kiddos while she was here. Older sis is 4 years old and such a beauty! She was also happy to pose for me πŸ™‚ Little bro is oh-so-adorable and totally on the move at 18 months.

I still managed to grab several shots out of him anyway though. Could he be any cuter?!? I love this b&w pouty face – his eyes are just perfect πŸ™‚

Miss M. is a little model in the making – such a gorgeous girl!

Mom – THANK YOU!! It was so fun meeting your kids and seeing you again! I especially enjoyed seeing how much your daughter looks JUST like you did as a little girl. I hope you had a safe trip back to FL, I’ll let you know as soon as I finish with the rest! I had fun!