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Perfect little model

What a fun little guy! We met up super-early this morning to beat the heat and I think it worked … I was just starting to break a sweat when we left. Mr. B. was the perfect model for me today – he did everything we asked and was just a fun-loving happy kid. What more can I ask for?
Thanks Mom & Dad for being so flexible with our session time – the early AM was definitely the way to go!

Howdy Partner

How cute are these two?! Their family met up with me on literally the HOTTEST day of the year. Go figure. LOL. Fortunately they were such champs through the whole session.

Mom surprised the kids with super-fun accessories after we got some more formal portraits out of the way. Little man was thrilled because he just loves all things cowboy! His sister wasn’t as happy about the hat – I think it was a love/hate kind of thing. Fortunately I was able to snag a couple of her wearing it – so precious!

I think “baby” wasn’t supposed to be in any of the portraits but this last image is one of my favorites. Everything about it just speaks to me for some reason, but my favorites are rarely parents’ favorites too. LOL. This was actually one of the first images I shot before she came out of her shell. Her pout is absolutely priceless!

Thanks Mom & Dad for being such great sports today – it was H-O-T! Despite that though, I’m thrilled with our results! Your little ones are so precious!

Happy Birthday Beautiful!

We met up at Hammerman today to celebrate Miss G.’s 4th birthday! Isn’t she gorgeous? Her blue eyes are so reflective and bright and the pink dress really stands out! It was crazy sunny (and ridiculously hot!), so Mom stepped in to hold a diffuser for me – it worked just perfectly!
I’m still really digging my serendipity action, so I used it on #2 and #4 – love, love, love how it looks with the pink!
Thanks Mom for a fun early morning session! Thanks also for my newest props – I can’t wait to try out the new earflap hat!

"Having a sister is like …

“… having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, she’ll still be there.” -Amy Li

I feel like that quote is the PERFECT way to describe these sisters, you can see their love for each other just emanating!

I am in love with all of the colors from the surroundings, but I’m really feeling the drama of the b&w conversions today:

One last shot for fun … who doesn’t love a sisterly arm hug? LOL.

I think a fun time was had by ALL at this session yesterday! We had great weather, our location was beautiful and the girls ROCKED it! I photographed them last during my Christmas mini-sessions, so it was wonderful to see them again!

She’s 1 and proud of it!

We battled the heat and serious humidity to celebrate little sis’ first birthday yesterday. What a gorgeous baby girl! We had to work a bit to get these adorable shots of her, but it was oh-so-worth-it! Big sis, on the other hand, is a total natural in front of the camera and sooooo photogenic! You may remember these pretty sisters from their February session – it was right after the blizzard(s), so we worked inside at their home. I can’t believe how much little sis has grown!
It was impossible to pick a few favorites for the blog, so I started with these. I can’t wait to work on the rest though, what a fun session! Thanks Mom & Dad for giving me the honor of capturing your girls, again! It was a true pleasure!