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A sweet surprise {Maryland Adoption Photographer}

I had the honor of surprising our very dear friends, the Weldons, at the airport when they came home from China with their new baby girl on Wednesday. They didn’t know that their family would be there waiting for them, and of course didn’t know I would be there either! After just doing this myself, I knew how sweet the reunion would be, especially with their 2 sons. Lots of tears were shed. The utter joy and relief you feel after the journey of adoption and then traveling for over 24 hours … wow, there is just nothing like it … to finally be able to bring your new baby home … truly one of the most amazing moments in life. And for me, to be able to witness this reunion for their family, was absolutely priceless. I am definitely not an “event photographer” but I think the emotion in these images totally speak for themselves.
Their daughter, Emery Lin, was born just one day before our Sunshine, in the same province, and taken to the same orphanage. She was also born with the same special need as Sunshine – cleft lip & palate. To say these girls and our families are forever bonded is an understatement for sure … we have become each other’s extended families for life. I’d love it if you would join me in congratulating the Weldons! Please welcome home the newest American citizen – Emery Lin Weldon!

The images above are just a few (or a lot) of my favorites … please visit flickr for the whole set!
Weldon’s Homecoming, a set on Flickr.
This is also the perfect opportunity to tell you about a new organization that I am really proud to be helping to start – Red Thread Sessions! RTS is a non-profit group of volunteer photographers that donate their time & talent to offer adoption photography to new adoptive families. Adoption and photography are two things that are very close to my heart, and they just go hand-in-hand perfectly. Homecoming photography, like in the blog post, is just one of the types of photography available to adoptive families. RTS is still in its infancy, but please help me spread the word! We need volunteer photographers and also need the word to get out to adoptive families! I have linked the website below and please go “like” RTS on Facebook!